Life is beautiful even though the world is ill

Azizeh Astaneh

2 December 2015

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I’ve always had a crush on art but this interest never went any further than reading around history of art and becoming an art critic before. I spent over 4 years at university as the only female in the class to get an engineering degree in a strict Islamic Republic country. There was no freedom, and we have to lay low. I escaped my homeland and seek refuge in Australia. The journey through the ocean is very traumatic for me. After that, I spent quite some time in Australian detention centre system, in Christmas Island and in Melbourne.

Thanks to art volunteers who came to Melbourne’s detention camp, they opened a door to wonders of the infinite world of art. I learnt how to step out of a sheltered life of an art critic into the boundless world of an artist.

I spent nearly 6 months of my life living in a detention camp and since then I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. But I always say that life is beautiful even when the world is ill. We still have bright Sundays to remind us there is more to life and hope of a remedy.

My artworks might be devoid of aesthetics doctrine, but I love art so much that I am obsessed with expressing my thoughts and emotions through metaphors in art to allay the over-flowing matters in my head.

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  • Olivia says:

    Dear Azizeh
    I am so happy to have your art work in my home. I love how the delicate and intricate refined flower details contrast with the overlaid patches and the testing of pens and colors at the top. I hope you continue to make this beautiful work. Thank you for supporting Garland.

  • Damien Wright says:

    Thank you very much for your beautiful book cover. I have shown it with pride and joy to all my family. My little one loves the loose ‘doodle’ marks.
    You are a treasure. Love and peace to you and yours.