Al Sadu ✿ A craft tradition goes solar


23 August 2019

Interwoven by Bo Lu, Shan Yang, Tianjiao Yan, Ning Lin Technologies: thin-film solar, piezoelectric generators (wind harvesting through cables), kinetic energy harvesting Annual Capacity: 3,500 MWh

Is this a future for craft traditions?

Interwoven is a Chinese proposition to design a solar system that reflects the design traditions of the Al Sadu tribal rug. The canopy provides shade and also harvests energe from the desert winds. The posts of the shading structure are inspired by one of the major weaving tools used in Al Sadu, the spindle whorl, which can be rotated by visitors.

Most environmental technologies like wind turbines and solar panels have no decorative value and can blight the landscape. So it’s refreshing to see a more artistic approach, particularly one that acknowledges the craft traditions of the region.

But it would be a shame if the original skill in making the Al-Sadu rugs with wool was lost. The design did originally evolve from the materiality of the fibre, construction of the loom and symmetry of the human body. That remains a critical source of our creativity.

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