The red candle in China’s “craft of love”


22 April 2020

Dragon and phoenix wedding candles

Shaoheng Feng nominates the red candle as a key to the “craft of love” in Chinese culture.

Poems of Red Candle



妆罢低声问夫婿    画眉深浅入时无

In the bridal chamber last night stood red candles

Waiting for the morning to salute the father and mother in the hall

Asking my husband softly after putting on makeup

Does the eyebrow shade perfectly match my eyes

Qingshe Zhu



婚缘一线牵 鼓乐响堂前

The candlelight gave off a fascinating light

The candlelight can also bear witness to our everlasting love, just like carving an oath on a stone

Li Ying


三生石上主良缘 恩爱夫妻彩线牵

花烛洞房亲接吻 春宵一刻胜千金

参透烛光眉样好 百年有结是同心
The candlelight can witness the moment of our wedding at the same time, and let us remember our vow to love each other deeply
The light through the candles. I can see that my eyebrows are drawn just right
At the same time, we make a vow that will be never changed, everlasting.

Shi Su from Song Dynasty

One of the most famous weddings in Chinese history featured third Emperor Yao, around 2,300 BC. His wedding was celebrated with great fireworks, filling the skies with smoke and bursts of light. Countless flocks of birds were seen to appear in witness to the event. In reference to this wedding, today young Chinese couples burn red candles on their wedding night. Red symbolises good luck and health, as well as eternal love.

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