Aricò’s Calabrian dragon


1 November 2021

This snake was inspired by a Calabrese mosaic in the Church of San Adriano

Under blue Calabrian skies, Antonio Aricò exposes his new collection of stories that animate the cultures of Byzantine Italy.

“Italy is not a country, it is a sea of stories. Its imaginary is waved of infinite magic stories coming from North to South and from West to East.”

Carpet Adriano, by Antonio Aricó, is inspired by a mosaic in the Church of Sant’Adriano, in San Demetrio Corone, which was established in Italy by Albanians fleeing the Ottoman Empire. According to legend, a charming emperor was turned into a snake by the dragon of Kaulon.


Antonio Aricò, Kaulon pillow

This pillow is a rich print of a textile mosaic presenting the IKONA of Kaulonio, the whimsical and spiteful Dragon that enchants friends and enemies with extravagant spells.

The city of Kaulon was founded in the eighth century BCE in Magna Grecia (currently part of the municipality of Monasterace, in the province of Reggio Calabria, and also known as Caulonia). The fourth century BCE mosaic was discovered in 2012, amidst the ruins of a Greek thermal building.

Kaulon dragon


The Bisanto collection is a series of pillows and mosaics developed by Antonio Aricò for Moooi, a brand established by Marcel Wanders & Casper Vissers in 2001.

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