Catherine O’Leary ✿ Felt Forward


3 June 2020

Catherine O’Leary, Full skirted dress with a resist

A new book on innovative felt techniques from Catherine O’Leary.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was an invincible summer.” This quote from Albert Camus is one of many that adorns the new book by fibre artist, Catherine O’Leary.

Felt Forward, New Technologies in Feltmaking introduces a fresh approach to designing with pre-felts. O’Leary explores new possibilities for creating unique nuno felted garments, accessories, sculpture and art. Her book explores new techniques in wool needlefelt, which is often referred to as prefelt or needlepunch. It features an amazing variety of felt pieces that are cut, layered, manipulated and composed. There is a gallery of ideas for projects where techniques are explained and artwork is created. This book is suitable for both beginners and experienced felt makers

This book can be ordered from for AU$35.

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