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12 August 2022

Kate Harding, Sandy Creek (detail), Clermont  2022, 2088mm x 2000mm, fabric and thread

The Unleashed exhibition at Artisan features compelling quilts by Kate Harding that evoke memories of country.

Kate Harding’s Sandy Creek quilt celebrates a favourite place for picnicking in the Central Highlands of Queensland. It features fish, eels and turtles. Kate did the applique while her long-time collaborator Pam Aitchison added the quilting.

Kate Harding, Sandy Creek, Clermont  2022, 2088mm x 2000mm, fabric and thread

Kate Harding’s smaller quilt originates from a sketch made by her mother, who grew up on the Woorabinda Aboriginal Mission in Central Queensland. The sketch made 20 years ago features the moon, stars, grubs and a corrobboree in Carnarvon Gorge.

Kate Harding, Sandstone Cliff, Carnarvon 2022, 2000mm x 1450mm, fabric and thread

The Sandstone Cliffs quilt is dyed with ochre from the site of the corrobborees in the Carnarvon Gorge.

Kate is a self-taught embroiderer. She made her first work in Primary School, inspired by her mother’s “fancy work”.

Kate’s work reflects the culture of the Bidjara, Ghungalu and Garingbal peoples. Her quilts have a strong connection to country and break with European tradition by removing any borders. As well as work for exhibition, many of the quilts cover the beds of her children and their children.

Kate Harding, Untitled, 2022, 1040mm x 1750mm, fabric and thread

These works can be seen in Unleashed at Artisan Queensland, 12 June – 20 August 2022.

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