OVOP Senegal success stories: Jute bag from Espace Beauté Yagora


25 September 2020

Joseph Ndione is proud of the craft produced by a Senegal company with the support of the One Village One Product platform.

Located in Fimela a famous resort area of Fatick region, Espace Beauté Yagora is a company specialising in the manufacturing and sales of artisanal accessories, particularly through dyeing and sewing. One of the leading products of the group namely Jute Bag has been selected as Excellent OVOP product in 2012.

Through its search for uniqueness, the company succeeded in designing an eco-friendly product that combines several skills: drawing, recycling, dyeing, cutting, designing, weaving and commercialization. The jute bags it buys are often used for packaging potatoes, onions and other farming products.

Beyond handicraft products, the company offers other services such as beauty-care treatments (hairdressing, manicure and pedicure), and catering. The products of the company are highly appreciated by tourists who visit this part of the country famous for its mangrove forest, ancient sites and traditional culture.

The company was supported through the Project OVOP in terms of capacity building, business network and marketing opportunities, processing equipment. Thanks to this support, it succeeded to improve its products’ quality and expand its market by establishing partnerships with several hotels in the area and outside where their products are exhibited and sold. Another major breakthrough is the organisation of an annual exhibition that aims at promoting the area’s craft entrepreneurs and their products. These achievements translate the company’s Chairwoman vision to enhance local female entrepreneurship and community empowerment, and job creation opportunities in her locality.

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