Everyone-everyday – Rodney Glick in Bali


2 June 2016


Rodney Click continues to work with highly-skilled Balinese carvers to produce extraordinary sculptures that interpret its Hindu culture for everyone everyday. These works are from his exhibition with Dadang Christanto at Tony Raka Gallery, Dec 2015.

Everyone is a series of carved wooden artworks created over the last decade about peoples potential to be spiritually enlightened or at the least, connected to another world. A god-like pose struck by the sitters, realistically carved in wood portraying ordinary people are then located in un-ordinary settings. “Everday” objects, such as tables, bricks, textiles and found stones make up the bases that the Everyone sculptures sits on.

Photographically painted Everyday objects found scattered throughout our lives are beautifully carved in wood. Almost boringly insignificant everyday stuff that everyone has around them are set aside, isolated and celebrated.

Along with the exceptionally crafted objects humour infuses each of the artworks and encourages the viewer to become engaged with the ideas presented.

Carvers are – Ketut Apel and Komang Suryana and Made Putra Edy but always the same painter Wayan Darmadi.

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