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27 December 2016

Your own village means that you’re not alone, that you know there’s something of you in the people and the plants and the soil, that even when you are not there it waits to welcome you.

Cesare Pavese

In mapping handmade creativity in the broader Asia-Pacific, it is not enough just to cover the major cities. Village life is integral to much of the work that is emblematic of the region. This is particularly so in Southeast Asian countries, where it takes such forms as the moobaan (Thailand), kampung (Indonesia) and giáp (Vietnam). 

Garland now looks to the village as a place for “the stories behind what we make.” The online exhibition for Garland #6 will feature handmade works that have a special relationship to a village. This can be a remote village whose inhabitants pursue a traditional life, or a special community within a city where people work or life together. It can also be a work made in collaboration between an urban designer/artist and village artisans. These works will celebrate the enduring contribution that village life makes to our creative world. This reflects a shared enjoyment in working collectively beyond individual gain. But it also gives us pause to think about the relationship between the city and the village. How might they coexist?

Works are called for the online exhibition. These works must be made in a village or by a person belonging to a village. There are many different types of village, in many different countries. There are some village enclaves in cities. For the purposes of this issue, we can simply define a village as a place where everyone knows each other’s name. The submissions should include a story of the village and two images (one of the village and another of a handmade object made there). Submissions are due by 6 February here.  

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Photo Credit: Juan Gómez – Photography

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  • Marianne Hunter says:

    I love the idea for this exploration and focused illumination. I feel like I belong to a non-physical village in the form of the community made up of the moveable village of craft shows. We are a community with deep roots (50 years for me and also for husband Bill Hunter) and strong connections to each other. We share every aspect of village but where we live.