The precious “ta leec” backpack from Co Tu village - We return to Vietnam to learn about a craft classic, the backpack of the Co Tu people known as ta leec which is considered a man's most precious jewellery.
Hanoia ✿ Vietnamese history in lacquer - Our December laurel goes to Hanoia and Tran Nu Yen Khe for an object that uses the medium of lacquer poignantly to tell a story of deep history.
Living with dragons - While the mythical creature of the dragon is synonymous with China, its presence can be found across the Indo-Pacific. In this online exhibition, we feature artists both inside and outside China who are inspired by the dragon.
One Island One Product? - Garland was recently invited to a forum in Ho Chi Minh City organised by Vietcraft about the One Village One Product movement. It has great potential to enhance our resilience and sustainability.
Garland in Vietnam - Join us as we explore the One Village One Product movement in Vietnam.
Hand-Painted signs in Vietnam - A Vietnamese perspective on the revival of manual trades. It’s not something just for inner-urban Western hipsters. Source: Hand-Painted signs ✿ We’re grateful to our subscribers for supporting this platform. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to join the circle and share the inspiration. ✿
The wonder of rattan in Vietnam - Sarah Thomas' new life in Vietnam has produced an amazing range of rattan furniture, skillfully made by local weavers.