Cabramatta: The nostalgic poetry of Asian shops - Bic Tieu casts her childhood memories of a Sydney Indo-Chinese suburb.
Mai Nguyễn-Long ✿ Vomit Girl - Mai Nguyễn-Long introduces her Kôgábịnô exhibition, featuring works that express the Vietnamese punk-like aesthetic of mộc mạc. 
Vietnam revives the board game - Maztermind finds use for Vietnamese traditional crafts in the production of beautiful board games.
Ms Kieu gives French brands a hand in Vietnam - Vy Tran reveals one of the local faces behind the Vietnamese base of Leinné, which produces hand-crafted hats and bags for a global market.
One Village One Product: A global platform for local craft - The fifth talk in Reinventing the Wheel takes us to Senegal, where Joseph Ndione will introduce the One Village One Product movement, an international platform for rejuvenating rural communities.
The precious “ta leec” backpack from Co Tu village - We return to Vietnam to learn about a craft classic, the backpack of the Co Tu people known as ta leec which is considered a man's most precious jewellery.
Hanoia ✿ Vietnamese history in lacquer - Our December laurel goes to Hanoia and Tran Nu Yen Khe for an object that uses the medium of lacquer poignantly to tell a story of deep history.
Living with dragons - While the mythical creature of the dragon is synonymous with China, its presence can be found across the Indo-Pacific. In this online exhibition, we feature artists both inside and outside China who are inspired by the dragon.
One Island One Product? - Garland was recently invited to a forum in Ho Chi Minh City organised by Vietcraft about the One Village One Product movement. It has great potential to enhance our resilience and sustainability.
Garland in Vietnam - Join us as we explore the One Village One Product movement in Vietnam.
Hand-Painted signs in Vietnam - A Vietnamese perspective on the revival of manual trades. It’s not something just for inner-urban Western hipsters.
The wonder of rattan in Vietnam - Sarah Thomas' new life in Vietnam has produced an amazing range of rattan furniture, skillfully made by local weavers.