Making clay precious in jewellery

Hyunju Kim

1 December 2015

What inspired the work

Memory is stored accurately and clearly, but it can become blurred and modified when combined with other memories. Sometimes memories come in pieces. The division and combination of memories, creates singular and new memories. It is this process of separation and combination based on emotions and feelings that interest me the most.

Why you decided to make jewelry out of ceramics

Clay has been an essential material for us for a long time. Nevertheless, it has never been associated with ceramic jewelry. Clay’s incredible advantage lies on its ability of expression through shape, color, and texture. This makes clay a worthy material and it’s the reason why I’m fascinated by jewelry ornaments.

How you made the work

My work is a slip casting method using a plaster mold. Place the small decorative pieces of clay and build a box around. Then, pour the slurry in. The plaster absorbs the moisture and becomes hardened. Dig the small pieces of clay out of the plaster cast.

What you hope to do next

The following works are geometric yet more but rhythmic and dynamic. So, I want more people to see and wear my ceramic jewelry and enjoy doing so.

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