I draw ideas from my community

Maryam Sepasi

2 December 2015


My name is Maryam and I’m from Tehran Iran

Two years ago my family came to Australia and I was in detention for 18 months.

It was after I came to Melbourne that I started painting in the art group in detention. In Iran I studied interior design and I liked painting.

I have been part of an exhibition twice in Melbourne with MAFA and they encourage me to paint and draw. I am working on another exhibition in the future with this group.

When I am painting I have a lot of ideas around community and the people who will be looking at my work. Children and other artists and people especially have an impact on my work and their comments about my work have a big impact on the end result.

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  • HelenWyatt says:

    Maryam, I received your beautiful cover for Garland Magazine. Thank you. It is so delicate and finely painted. Good luck with your exhibition and your future in Australia. Helen Wyatt