Mitra Ashtiani

2 December 2015


My name is Mitra Ashtiani and I’m from Iran.

My family practiced secretly Christianity in my home town. My father had come to know and love Jesus, and since then our family are very wary of the danger of being known as converting into Christian faith.

We have a lot of problems in my country. Leaving Iran was very hard since it is the world that we know and grew up in. But we have to do to find freedom. My parents left Iran in 2012, afterwards my sister and I decided to follow them in 2013.

In Iran I studied double degrees in marketing management and chemistry. When I was in the detention centre in Melbourne, I met with the artists and started to pick up painting. I have already started painting before, but I’m not professional. Now, I really love painting and I also love doing voluntary work. I’m currently doing few voluntary works in my church.

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