Art is peace and freedom

Sepideh Karimi

4 January 2016


My name is Sepideh Karimi and I am from Iran.

I studied Architectural Drawing at college and graduated from university with Bachelor of Architecture in 2002.

I have been interested and fascinated with painting since childhood but during the years of my education and work, I never had enough time and opportunities to have professional activities related to painting. I only used to sketch and draw sometimes for myself.

To me, Art is peace and freedom. When I paint, I strongly feel peaceful. When I can paint anything my mind can imagine, I feel free. With Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers in Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation, I had the opportunity to paint with oil paints for the first time. Since I had never painted or attended an art class before, I also learned how to improve my painting skills by watching video tutorials on the internet.

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  • Vicki Mason says:

    Hi Sepideh, I have one of your covers on my essay and I love it! It is a reddy pink, white outlined rose – I think! Around it are female figures like tassles… For me its like they are dancing around the rose. I’d love to know more about the imagery if you felt like writing to me about it. I wondered about the vibrant colours dulled by being on an all black background….?Also if you are open to getting to know another artist (I work in the area of contemporary jewellery) then that would be great, no worries if not. I hope to hear from you.

    Warmest wishes