Ceramics stories

Remembering Yellow Cave can help us survive a pandemic - Louis Katz finds courage in the memory of Wild Boar Soccer Team rescue and the spirit of the world ceramic community.
Terracotta at hand: The cool water bottle - Khushbu Mathur celebrates the latest evolution in Indian terracotta craft: the clay bottle to keep your water cool.
Fleeting moments: Responses to Transference and Common Thread - Julie Bartholomew writes about two exhibitions that reveal the mysteries of making.
My father was an elephant: Clay dreams in Nigeria - Ngozi Omeje shares her journey through the soothing medium of clay and how it helps honour her family and inspire good works.
Litema, the pride of a Mosotho woman’s home - ‘Matsooana Sekokotoana is inspired by the litema designs on the homes of her country, which reflect daily life in the villages of Lesotho.
Rahul Kumar ✿ Ceramic art and science - Utkarsh interviews Indian ceramic artist Rahul Kumar about his art and science of technique.
Adil Writer ✿ Clay dreams of love - Adil Writer presents a series of figures that evoke the fraught condition of love for the Parsi community specifically and India generally.
The nine-yard sari: Bolts of love in clay - Varuni Kanagasundaram reflects on parallel transformations of migration and translation of textile into clay.
To catch a flower: Love triumphs in the marriage of Sang Thong - Vipoo Srivilasa invokes the romantic tale of Sang Thong to celebrate a love that breaks through social barriers and Edward Colless heralds "animated, capricious sprites and bristling bouquets".
Love in a time of colonisation - Ceramic artist Shirley Bhatnagar gives form to tales of romantic love in Indian history. 
Nikolina Brown ✿ Pleasure flesh - Our January laurel goes to Nikolina Brown, for a series of sensuous terracotta forms that express female sexuality.
Mino-momoyama ware - Gallery VOICE introduces some of the unique Japanese ceramic ware that is the fruit of the legendary Momoyama kiln in Toki City Gifu prefecture.
Japan black: Setoguro ware ceramics - Tomoko Kawakami writes about the exhibition, Kirin-ji: The challenge of making ceremonial tea bowls
Pots in Action: The ceramics project that made Instagram sparkle - Ayumi Horie reflects on the groundbreaking Instagram project, Pots in Action—why she started it and why she has decided to finish it.
Yuri KEZUKA ✿ Our world in a clay mirror - Kurt Brereton finds a Japanese ceramic artist whose work defies hyper-consumerism.
Shaping the divine in the lanes of Kumartuli - Ananya Hazarika ventures into the lanes of Kumartuli in West Bengal to witness the creation of gods from clay.
From Samarkand to Kütahya: A Silk Road of shared skills - The story of Mehroj Bobomurokov and the benefits of skill exchange that still flourish along the old Silk Road.
The tree of life extends its branches from Iran to France - Leila Fazeneh shares the beliefs that underpinned her major commission for The French Institute of the Islamic Civilizations.
The long and winding Silk Road: My quest to uncover treasures from Central Asia - Christina Sumner helped reveal to the world the splendour of Central Asian crafts. Here she retraces her journey as she sought permission to borrow their priceless treasures.
Finding the spirit of clay in Rajasthan - Serena Rosevear, an exponent of minimal porcelain, encounters the maximal culture of India, thanks to the Crosshatched tour of Sandra Bowkett.
Culture, craft and cuisine in West Bengal  - Liz Wauchope shares her experience travelling through West Bengal, absorbed by beauty and skill.
Ceramics for the Autumn Takayama Festival (Hachiman Matsuri) - For the upcoming Autumn Takayama Festival, Gallery VOICE is presenting work by six ceramic artists and the golden lacquer art called Shunkei.
Kukuli Velarde ✿ A mi vida - Our August laurel goes to Peruvian-born ceramic artist Kukuli Velarde for her poignant effigy, A mi vida. This object reflects the culture of her birth, her maternal love and concern for child victims of anti-immigrant campaigns.
Rowena Strain ✿ Broome, the centre of the world - Rowena Strain's bowls tell the story of Catholics who've made a home "at the centre of the world".
Lynda Draper ✿ 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award - The Shepparton Art Museum recently announced the winner of the fifth biennial 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award as Sydney based Lynda Draper, with her 2019 series, Somnambulism.
The shape of YOI よい: A drunken evening of Japanese ceramics - An exhibition of Japanese ceramics based on the concept of YOI, which can mean good, evening and drunkenness.
Quarterly essay ✿ “Drifters” in Jingdezhen: Past meets present in the porcelain capital - Luise Guest listens to ceramic artists who draw on the unique energies of Jingdezhen, including Geng Xue, Liu Jianhua, Juz Kitson and Merran Esson.
Remembering people and places past/passed: Ceramics by Ah Xian, Ai Weiwei, Sin-ying Ho and Liu Jianhua - For Alex Burchmore, the ceramic art by Ah Xian, Ai Weiwei, Sin-ying Ho and Liu Jianhua represents important memory work in contemporary China.
Deep and shallow time meet in Jingdezhen - Pie Bolton takes Australian relics to Jingdezhen where they are transformed into works of "influence".
“Drifters” in Jingdezhen: Past meets present in the porcelain capital - Luise Guest listens to ceramic artists who draw on the unique energies of Jingdezhen, including Geng Xue, Liu Jianhua, Juz Kitson and Merran Esson.
Robin Best ✿ A tea journey in silver and blue - Antonia Harrison writes about Robin Best's five vase garniture, made in Jingdezhen and telling the story of tea from China.
Claylines: Berder, Gaba, Urrknga and Wantja - The Remote Communities Ceramics Network has been active for at least a decade providing exchange between Aboriginal clay artists across northern Australia. The latest results of this network can be seen in a new exhibition at Nishi Gallery in Canberra. 
Flamboyance and intensity: Contemporary ceramics of Peter Cooley - Eva Czernis-Ryl writes about the ironic and iconic ceramics of Peter Cooley, made in his Blue Mountains studio.
Re-locating traditions: Ethiopian crafts in Moorooka, Brisbane - Melanie Gupta finds a haven of clay and fibre craft in Brisbane's Little Africa.
余韻 (yo-in) / afterglow – Japanese ceramics in Melbourne - Compared to the KonMari "spark", the ceramic artist Yoko Ozawa has offers us more enduring and subtle light, the 余韻 (yo-in) afterglow, in which to view the resonant works she has gathered from Japan
Toru Kuwakawa ✿ String theory - Curator Tomohiro Daicho writes about the artist's quest to give expression to "savage math" of clay. 
Shlomit Bauman & Abed ElJaabari ✿ The earth we share - Our February laurel goes to Israeli artist Shlomit Bauman for her collaboration with Palestinian potter, Abed ElJaabari. Their combination of traditional pots and cast modern goods is a compelling use of clay as a common language.
Let the objects speak! Impressions of CRAFTIVISM - Oliver Raymond finds Buddhist and Hindu resonance in the contemporary oppositional works presented at Shepparton Art Museum.
Sydney to Shigaraki and back again ✿ Merran Esson - Merran Esson, Malcolm Greenwood and Simon Reece enjoy wood-firing in the ceramic village of Shigaraki, with old and new generations.
Tracing fragments ✿ Mosaic Tile Museum - We continue our series on the Mosaic Tile Museum with a preview of a bold project to match their epic tile collection to new designs.
Andile Dyalvane ✿ uTyityilizi - Our December laurel goes to the South African ceramicist Andile Dyalvane for his powerful vessel titled, uTyityilizi.
Why you should drink saké hot - Masahiro and Yumi Takahashi present their projects Sakenet and Dear Plastic that export a hightenned Japanese sensibility to the other side of the world.
Works never seen before in this world - Mitsuo Shoji was influenced by the experimental ethos of the Gutai group to always strive for originality.
The art of repair: Keiko Ikoma’s subtle kintsugi - Ryan Leahey presents the work of Keiko Ikoma, whose delicate repair attempts to honour the spirit of the broken object.
Remembering when the world came to Kyoto in 1978 - In 1978, the craft world descended on Kyoto. What did craft mean 40 years ago?
Full of emptiness: The wonder of Hagi ware - This article imparts the virtues of a living Japanese craft and introduces readers to the profound wisdom that comes from the quotidian practice of drinking tea.
Ceramic art from Gallery VOICE - Tomoko Kawakami presents six ceramic artists from an exhibition in Tajima
Sodeisha: Object ceramics from Kyoto to Australia 🇯🇵 - Kevin White reflects on the Sodeisha school of ceramics from Kyoto which pioneered sculptural forms.
Jane Sawyer ✿ Character, signature and breath 📽️ - Mark Newbound's latest film dwells on the poetry of repetition in Jane Sawyer's ceramic production.
What we can learn from Zapotec culture - Garland in Oaxaca was a chance for us to learn more about the Zapotec values that underlined their mesmerising crafts, and particularly its place in the world today.
My own private mosque ✿ Clay activation by Varuni Kanagasundaram - Varuni Kanagasundaram reflects on an incident from a recent workshop where she came across a unique expression of clay as private devotion.
Jos Mitchell ✿ Entwined - Our October laurel goes to a luminous ceramic bowl by Jos Mitchell.
Updates from Gifu - Tomoko Kawakami & TACHIBANA Akira present ceramic works recently shown in Gifu prefecture, Japan
Dolores Porras and her creative atelier - Santa María Atzompa is acknowledged for its millenary pottery tradition.
Glimpses of the first Indian Ceramics Triennale - We're excited to herald an important new event in our orbit of craft and design in the Indo-Pacific. The first Indian Ceramics Triennale: Breaking Ground is open in Jaipur from 31 August to 18 November 2018.
Yhonnie Scarce ✿ Colonisation in black and white - The Shepparton Art Museum recently announced the winner of the 2018 Indigenous Ceramic Award as Yhonnie Scarce, for her work, Servant and Slave, 2018.
Crafting a ceramic habitat for a handfish - Not far from Hobart’s Salamanca Market, with its vendors hawking the usual arts and crafts, ceramicist Jane Bamford is creating something extraordinary.
Jenuarrie – My story - Jenuarrie is a Queensland artist who has drawn on the Lapita ceramic tradition of her region to produce striking unique works. Here is an extract from a recent book Gift of Knowledge, where Jenuarrie tells the story of how she came to produce this work, and the values that guide her life.
Alterfact builds their own 3D printer for ceramics - When Ben Landau and Lucile Sciallano from Melbourne studio Alterfact decided to start 3D printing ceramics, they didn’t just buy a 3D printer, they made one. Australian Design Centre Creative Strategy Associate Penny Craswell reports.
Meredith Turnbull: Closer - Meredith Turnbull developed a striking installation of objects from the collection of the Potter Museum of Art (27 March - 1 July 2018). Closer explored different possible proximities for the viewer with precious handmade objects.