Art Design Architecture: Jam Factory’s epic series of touring exhibitions


4 October 2019

Soon after Brian Parkes started as CEO of Jam Factory in 2010, he initiated an ambitious series of touring exhibitions based on materials which have helped define Australian craft and design in the 21st century.

The Art Design Architecture series sought to profile craftspersons, designers and artists who were using the language of a specific material in interesting ways. This continued Parkes’ curatorial approach to engage craft and design with industry where many opportunities for employment and commissions can be found. In the process, he highlights the skill and creativity of Australian designer-makers.

Garland’s editor Kevin Murray had the opportunity to chat with Brian Parkes about what prompted this series and what he learned during their tours.

Here is the series of Art Design Architecture exhibitions (thus far).

Wood (2013), curated by Brian Parkes and Elliat Rich, featured Khai Liew, John Wardle, Nawurapu Wunungmurra, ARM Architecture, Hossein Valamanesh and Catherine Truman.

Wood installation, photo: Tom Rsochi

Glass (2015), curated by Margaret Hancock Davis and Brian Parkes, featured Janet Lawrence, Clare Belfrage, Tom Moore, Nicholas Folland, Yhonnie Scarce, Woods Bagot and Blanche Tilden

Glass installation, photo: Grant Hancock

Steel (2017), curated by Margaret Hancock Davis, featured Alison Jackson, Anthill construction, Barry Gardner, Brodie Neill, BVN, Christian Hall, CODA Studio with Mark Philips, Collins Turner, Cox Architecture,Craig Hiron, Dan Lorrimer, DesignByThem,Geoffrey Nees, Gunybi Ganambarr, Kensuke Todo, Korban Flaubert, Lorraine Connelly-Northey,Mari Funaki, Matthew Harding, Maureen Faye Chauhan, Misho and Associates, Oliver Smith, Sabine Pagan, Sean O’Connell, Seaton McKeon, Simon Cottrell,Sue Lorraine, Tony Hobba and Trent Jansen for TAIT

Steel installation, photo: Andre Castelluci

Concrete (2019), curated by Margaret Hancock Davis and Brian Parkes, featured, Glenn Murcutt, Adam Goodrum, Alexander Lotersztain, Jamie North, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Megan Cope and Inari Kiuru.

Concrete installation, photo: Rhiannon Slatter


The “architects” of the touring series, Brian Parkes and Margaret Hancock Davis



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