When should knowledge be restricted? Cultural Intellectual Property Rights® for the Oma in Laos


8 June 2023

The Taec Team in Nanam Village With The Oma Community in January 2020. Photo Credits: Taec

Our Reinventing the Wheel talk by Monica Moisin on 4 July 2023 takes us to Laos and the role of law in supporting traditional artisan rights.

In April 2019 the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre in Laos (TAEC) discovered that the Italian fashion company Max Mara was selling clothing decorated with patterns that looked identical to the traditional embroidery and appliqué designs of the Oma people.

The rights of Oma to their designs have been developed by Cultural Intellectual Property Rights®. This organisation has worked with the Oma to document their designs and develop the legal framework for their protection.

We hear from the founder of Cultural Intellectual Property Rights®, Monica Moisin, about this work with the OMA. Monica is a cultural intellectual property and fashion lawyer who has worked extensively in the crafts.


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