Marasim: Two films that connect craft with cinema and literature


11 November 2020

Our friends from the Craft Village project share two beautiful video essays that celebrate craft from the perspective of cinema and writing.

Marasim means connections and relations, and this series builds the relationship of crafts with wider subjects/genres such as cinema, literature, architecture, adornment, and many such areas where so far “crafts” has never been connected to. It is also an effort to link the meaning of crafts beyond traditional crafts. So it is an endeavour to connect everything that co-exists in a certain relation, and hence ‘Marasim’.

Episode-1 (Craft in Cinema)

The cinema as a cultural institution has been studied by academic researchers in the arts and humanities. In this first episode of Marasim, Iti Tyagi (Iti Tyagi) introduces us to three significant features depicting the lives, hardships, and struggles of weavers in India….

Film 1: Susman by Shyam Benegal

Film 2: Anjuman by Muzaffar Ali (Muzaffar Ali)

Film 3: Kanchivaram by Priyadarshan

Episode-2 (Craft of Writing)

Writing is a craft, a hefting of ideas, phrases, images into shape; a weaving of words into worlds. In the second episode of Marasim, Iti Tyagi takes us on a journey with three legendary writers who changed society, and eventually the course of time, with their unconventional yet pathbreaking philosophies, narratives and perspectives.

Featured Writers:★ Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan (Ghalib)★ Rabindranath Tagore★ Amrita Pritam

For more information, see Craft Village website

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