Urmila Mohan on The Jugaad Project


20 December 2023

This podcast interview reflects the role that anthropologists of material culture can play in supporting a diversity of beliefs and practices.

Urmila Mohan is an anthropologist who established The Jugaad Project, an open platform for publishing articles on material culture.

Here are some of the topics covered in our conversation:

  • The meaning of jugaad as everyday innovation
  • The need for an open global platform to share articles in material culture
  • How published articles benefit their subjects
  • Prayer beads as a spiritual technology that is only partly replaced by fidget spinners
  • Articles on bamboo weaving in Java and the infrastructure of Durga Puja in India
  • The new book publication, Mohan, U. (2024). The Efficacy of Intimacy and Belief in Worldmaking Practices. Routledge.

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