Works from the International Art Textile Biennale 2023


26 January 2023

Rachel Pearcey, PALINWEAVE 3 (on canvasl) 2022, Stitch on artists’ canvas, 59 x 71cm

Works from the International Art Textile Biennale reveal a woven world.

The second International Art Textile Biennale exhibition includes 35 artists from nine countries. The biennale is coordinated by Glenys Mann, founder of Fibre Arts Australia. We share details of three of the artists featured.

Rachel Pearcey, United Kingdom

Rachel Pearcey, PALINWEAVE 3 (on canvasl) 2022, Stitch on artists’ canvas, 59 x 71cm

This is a hand-stitched drawing; 59 by 71 cm – black polyester thread on a recycled twill weave white cotton blanket. Recycling is very important to me, all the fabrics I use are recycled, cotton/ linen/flax, the thread is the only thing I buy new. I started out making pen and ink plain-weave drawings then some years ago I started experimenting with needle and thread on canvas. I have been hand-stitching drawings ever since. Always in black and white, sometimes white on white.


Gintare Joudele, Lithuania

An idea that we adults are like children inside, that we always want to be like children subconsciously, that we play a game called life, and we recall our childhood, brightly and with a nostalgia, inspired me to create this work. I decided to become that child again and to play with sand on the beach, just with my adult and artist experience. Year 1984, I am 4 years old girl playing with this toy car on a beach sands. I remember the game “Shop” when I used to put fruits, vegetables, sand, stones in the trunk of this truck and take them to my childhood friends. To preserve the details that had faded over time, I restored them by sewing. It’s like a restoration, it’s a desire to pass this story on to your children from generation to generation. Perhaps my sons Bernard and Christopher will restore, with their experience, their life history, skills, and professions.

Post-apocalyptic themes are popular now, and this work can be attributed to it, only with the addition of a bright future. Old rusty toy, and its missing parts, knitted and restored, in natural nature colours. Present moment, here and now.

June Lee, South Korea

My work focuses on the individual in contemporary society today. I explore the neutrality and duality of the individual as a distinct unity and again as a constituent of the collective society. I shed light on the social phenomena surrounding the individual in contemporary social space, especially on negative conditions such as the bystander effect, mass psychology, scapegoating, and biases. Using East Asian element of the thread, which represents human life, to form human figure-like works, my art looks at the problems of modern man from a third-person perspective. Since 2012, my work has explored the social phenomena in the collective society. Based on the idea of the bystander effect, The Bystander series which began in 2012 is still a work in progress, which focuses on the cold-hearted social neglect and ignorance of those in need.


The International Art Textile Biennale exhibition is at East Gippsland Art Gallery, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia, 20 Jan – 18 March 2023

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