Rame rame! A call for friendworks


9 July 2017

“Ngariung is a term commonly used in Sundanese culture. It’s not a word that we would use day to day in Bahasa, but most people know what it is. To complement the idea, there is a “hip” way of gathering in Jakarta these days, which is to gather around a spread of food to be shared like in the image attached. The food would commonly be spread out on banana leaves and everyone would just eat with their hands.”

And so our editorial advisor for the upcoming Indonesia issue, Nadia Pramudita, introduces us to one of the many ways in which Indonesians enjoy working together. In this issue, our online exhibition will feature works made by more than one person. This can include works made as acts of friendship, where complementary skills are combined or as part of a collective project.

Artists and makers from Indonesia and beyond are invited to share the results of your work together with the Garland audience. Please feel out the form here. Images and information are due 7 August 2017.

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