The Persian House


18 September 2017

It was for about more than a year that the idea of introducing and displaying a contemporary “Persian house” at the Craft Fair was discussed with the Cultural Heritage Organization. Finally by July in this year 2017, the 28th Tehran Handicraft Exhibition contemporary “Persian house” was presented, in collaboration Mr Anooshfar, the Art Center Gallery and the artists.

This Iranian house was composed of a living room, dining room and bedroom. It was decorated with contemporary Persian designers. From a tableau of famous painter Parviz Kalantari to old nomadic carpets with a Lion design from Mr. Malek’s private collection. beautiful and colorful handmade textiles, cushions with lions and nomadic pattern and bedclothes worked by textile artists, Azadeh Yasamin, Sarah Hedayat and myself. That was very much appreciated and the bowls of paper names “Papiyeh Masheh” art works by Mrs.Marziyeh Torkmaniyan, also the mirror worked by the young female artist, Hoda Seraj, that had a brilliant shine on the bedroom decoration. As well as lighthouses and other decorative arts from young artists. According to the Cultural Heritage Organization, the design of the”Iranian home” is set to be fixed in one of the homes owned by the organisation. With the aim of becoming more familiar with this design and modern style as well as young artist and designers.

By Afsaneh Modiramani

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