To Smell

From Laila Al-Hamad, The culture we breathe

The five ways of smell

The third in our Sensorium series reveals stories of crafts that bring the elusive element of smell into our world. The manner of this can be divided into five ways: capturing the essence of the world outside (to distil); imbibing our identity (to belong); connecting with places through ritual and performance (to evoke); wearing scents that accompany us through life (to adorn) and underpinning what we experience with our other senses (to enhance).

The guest editor for this issue is Laila Al-Hamad. Special thanks to Japneet Keith, Denise Neri, Anahita Anasseri, Atefe Mirsane and Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros.


To distil

To belong

To evoke

To adorn

To enhance

This issue is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and Creative New Zealand.

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