Jos Mitchell ✿ Entwined


1 October 2018

Our October laurel goes to a luminous ceramic bowl by Jos Mitchell. This piece offers a striking contrast between the densely textured handwork outside and the transcendent golden interior. We asked Jos to give us some background on the piece. 

“Entwined was inspired by connections; the relationships we have with each other, our environment, our past, present and future. I hand built it (no tools) using hundreds and hundreds of individual pieces of clay, then fired it twice before carefully lining it with 23 karat gold. I hope its global shape inspires positive thought about our connectedness

“Connectivity, humanity and environment are the themes currently threaded through my work. Each piece has a relationship to a place and to people and the shared history that links us together. I live and work on the edge of Moreton Bay in Queensland and the coastal colours and textures provide endless inspiration. After uni, I worked for Queensland State Government for 11 years before cofounding a small professional photography company. Unexpectedly, it eventually led to requests from other business start-ups for business mentorships and another stint in government in Byron Bay, NSW, as a manager with portfolios including economic development and public art. I commenced my ceramics practice in 2014 and, since then, have dedicated myself to it full-time. I’ve treated the last four years like an apprenticeship, completing a residency with Richard de Haan at the Clay Precinct. I’ve exhibited in a number of group exhibitions, most recently the Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Art Exhibition. I’m currently working towards my first solo showing.”

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