Paper stories

Jenna Lee ✿ Folds of memory - Jenna Lee's Memorise series shows how the process of folding can have strong symbolic meaning. It begins with an Instagram challenge...
Making the cut: The effects of the introduction of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) on the Chinese papercutting 2006-2018 - In reflecting on the recent history of papercutting in China, Pamela See identifies the threat to its creative energy posed by CNC cutting.
New space for objects in Sydney: HAKK by Gunjan Aylawadi - The inaugural Object Space exhibition will feature the work of talented paper artist Gunjan Aylawadi. Sydney-based paper artist Gunjan Aylawadi presents HAKK, a large-scale, intricate paper installation.
Hanging issues: Collaboration between photography and Lana paper making - A Kurdish photographer, doing a PhD at Melbourne's RMIT University, learns paper making in a northern Thai village in order to realise the emotions of the images gathered from the conflict in the Middle East. Rushdi Anwar shares the thinking behind this unique artistic alchemy.
Hanji – before and after Korea by Jan Coveney - What is Hanji? Han-ji is the word for traditional Korean paper and it’s also used to describe the art of making objects out of the paper. (‘Han’ refers to the Korean people and ‘ji’ means paper). Korean Hanji is extremely robust as it’s made from the bark of the mulberry ‘dak’ tree and is one of Korea’s oldest and most durable products, dating back to the Three Kingdoms period around 130 AD.
Wish upon Jiseung - Eun Hye Kim explains why she practices 'jiseung', making paper string bowls.
Yoon Jeong-won’s spiritual materialism - The artist Yoon Jeong-won uses storybook imagery to evoke the myriad of traditions in Korean culture. Besides major works for exhibition, she has a daily exercise of drawing on precious Korean paper made by Lee Jong Kuk (Mabeul), from a tree especially planted for her.