Quarterly essay – Everything Happens to Everyone: A Rodney Glick story ✿

Rob Finlayson

20 September 2017

They’re boots. Military field boots, I’d say; they have that look about them: pugnacious toe; thick, corrugated sole; long tongue and half-laced upper; although there is an unexpected zipper along the shaft. Nor is the colour what one would expect. By rights, these boots should be blacks, greens or sands and camouflage patterned.

Rob Finlayson visits Rodney Glick, a creative phenomenon who has settled in Bali. Finlayson tunes into the conversations that swirl around Glick’s world. Pervading them is a reflective humour that finds itself at home with the island’s syncretic culture. How do you transform Bali from a holiday escape into a creative base? read his quarterly essay, available to the subscribers who make Garland possible.

To learn more, read his quarterly essay, available to the subscribers who make Garland possible.

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