Cerdeira: An artist village of stone and wood - Tatiana Simões introduces Karine Locatelli, whose work flourished in this idyllic Portuguese village. 
Pam Hall ✿ The Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge - Enjoy a podcast from Newfoundland about an art project based on place-specific know-how.
A gaiwan for my father - Mia Riley revisits her father's tea cabinet and resolved to use her ceramic skills to make him special traditional tea cups.
Breathe, together - In the Breathe Project, the creation of beaded masks expresses a distinct cultural energy, led by Indigenous artists from across Canada.
Canadian First Nations celebrate the longest day with a Social Distance Pow Wow - The growing significance of Canada’s Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival is challenged this year by lockdown. Like the Ojibwe "dreamcatcher", the spirit of this event is now being channelled online.
The Political-Poetic Journey of Two Métis/Cree Artists: Jesse Campbell and Michelle Poirier Brown - Lycia Trouton writes about two Canadian artists whose work reveals a flowering of Métis culture in response to the challenges of settler colonisation.
Citizens of Craft: The inspiring Canadian model - The Canadian Crafts Federation campaign Citizens of Craft offers an important model for national craft advocacy.
Tania Larsson ✿ Hide uncovers the hidden - matt lambert interviews a Canadian jewellery artist about the process of making hide in Gwich’in culture
To rescue a world on the wane: A clarion call to woodworkers - D Wood argues that wood furniture should be more than just the appearance of its origins, but reflect its sourcing as well. 
How an island makes its makers: The artisans of Gabriola - Phillip Vannini explains why he was drawn to film the artisans on an idyllic island in the Salish Sea.
Cracking the colour code: The Maiwa-Khatri partnership - Charllotte Kwon and Abdul Jabbar Khatri share their sides of the story about their enduring Indian-Canadian partnership.
Gratitude in the archives - Rituals of thanksgiving have become an essential part of Genevieve Weber's work as an archivist as she confronts its colonial legacy.
Dear Grandma, Thank you for being a maker: A Cowichan story - Damara Jacobs-Morris acknowledges her Grandma for passing on the sacred tradition of Cowichan knitting.
A decade of yarn bombing - Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain celebrate ten years since the  first publication of Yarn Bombing and reflect how it has defied the homely associations of knitting.
Sandra Alfoldy ✿ Global Peace Through Craft: The Formation of the World Crafts Council - Sandra Alfoldy tells the story of the World Crafts Council and the confrontation between ethnography and modernism.
Nature craft - The traditional story of craft as an art of civilisation involves controlling nature. Fibre is spun, wood is carved, metal is cast, glass is blown and clay is thrown. Making seems to involve an improvement in the otherwise formless quality of materials found in the environment. Natural substances are mastered in order to manipulate them into forms of useful beauty.
Second Home - Shelter is a key element of life on earth. Humans construct homes, birds weave nests, insects make cocoons, animals develop skin, sea creatures and nuts grow shells for protection.