Where can I read Garland in print?


28 January 2018

Gaetan, manager at Choukette, with a copy of Jasmine – Garland Compendium on their bookshelf

Where do you go to read?

If you want to take 20 minutes out to follow the journey of a long-form essay, where can you find a convivial space to sit and read? Talking with Garland readers, we’ve found that the cafe is a popular place to take time out for reading during the day. So to help you out we’re finding independent cafes across the Indo-Pacific which have a bookshelf and a convivial atmosphere, reflecting the care and creativity of the staff.

We’ll be gradually accumulating these reading posts over time. Feel free to nominate your favourite cafe.

We’ve just created our second reading post at Choukette Cafe in Brunswick, Melbourne. You can see a full list here.

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