Remembering Kala Pani: Presencing memory objects - Arif Satar & Audrey Fernandes-Satar create objects of offerings for the lives displaced during the practice of indentured labour when the Indian Ocean was seen as a "British Lake".
Devotional flower offerings of Luang Prabang - Linda McIntosh and Tiao Nith describe the floral offerings that are traditionally offered in Lao temples, which are changing now that they depend more on items purchased from markets.
Sandra Bowkett ✿ Twig vessels - Sandra Bowkett has made vessels for gathering not only elegant twigs but also the mark of the maker.
Brave effigies employed in Laos in the fight against Covid-19 - Effigies called ting mong have sprung up in Laos to help people fight the terrible side effect of lockdown, being alone.
Saga Dawa: The blessing of the scriptures - Shruti Agrawal fulfils her father-in-law’s dream to visit the fabled Himalayan town of Gangtok, where she witnesses a remarkable Buddhist rite that brings life to sacred wisdom.
The nine-yard sari: Bolts of love in clay - Varuni Kanagasundaram reflects on parallel transformations of migration and translation of textile into clay.
Shimenawa: Hidden meanings behind the twisted ropes at Izumo Taisha - Sayumi Yokouchi writes about the huge twisted rope that adorns Japanese shrines and honours the kami spirits within.
Thanks giving in Australia: Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga’s Rajah Quilt - Kevin Murray describes a project that makes connections across time to the beginning of settlement and space with Aboriginal and craft guild collaborations
The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto in Rosebank, Staten Island - We tend to think of practices like votives as the archaic domain of Eastern cultures, such as Hindu temple offerings or Buddhist rituals. But the ritual continues in the West through the influence of the Catholic church, not only in the mixed communities of Latin America but also in the Italian neighbourhoods of New York.  Built with Faith: Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City by Joseph Sciorra (Queens College) by Joseph Sciorra documents and analyses the relocation of ritual practices from the old world Italy to the new world USA. The extract below tells the story of a unique grotto in New York. The community labour towards this space reflects the festive solidarity of Guendalisaá […]
New terrain in an old world - Zoë Veness writes about metal objects she made in homage to kunanyi / Mount Wellington
Votive Horses of Poshina, Gujarat - Mitraja Bais writes about votive offerings of terracotta horses
Water and flowers in Bali - Marylou Pavlovic is inspired by the water and flowers in Balinese offerings and ponders its Western interpretations
Art at a glance: Tasmania’s roadside gallery - Lucy Hawthorne considers about the drive-by art that is so prevalent in Tasmania.
Libraries of Stone and Wood - Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward publish knowledge in rock and wood that reveals a lost Tasmania
Tonglen: An artist buries his life’s belongings - The artist consigns everything he has owned or inherited to an earth burial. Why?
Proyecto “Las Fábricas” – Last words and weaves in Santiago - Constanza Urrutia Wegmann describes an epic work to remember the death of Salvador Allende through the history of a textile factory in Santiago, Chile
An ancient Good Friday all-female rite with a fashion twist - Anna Battista has rare access to the dressing of the Virgin Mary in Chieti, Italy.
Erika Diettes: Relics in amber - Alasdair Foster witnesses the work of Erika Diettes who cast objects of the disappeared in Colombia in a community memorial.
Where did all the flowers go? Tamil festivals in Mauritius - Veemanda Curpen finds new Mauritian approaches to constructing floats for Tamil festivals