Judith Crispin ✿ Picturing the gentleness of death

Alasdair Foster writes about the Lumachrome Glass Printing by Judith Crispin that renders decay in stillness.

Broached Recall: Bringing modernism to the surface

For Lou Weis, a new series of commissions based on early modernist veneers helps critically reflect on the trajectory of modernist design.

Vipoo Srivilasa: Will my heart remember?

Aaron Bradbrook presents a project by Vipoo Srivilasa to reincarnate objects relinquished by residents of Warrnambool.

Tecuil Alessia: Preserving the heart of the prehispanic kitchen

Raquel Bessudo heralds a new design for the traditional stove which promises a healthy future for traditional Mexican life

Augmented reality: From the art of intervention to the craft of public engagement 

Pamela See considers whether the decorative layer constructed through augmented reality might be considered a new craft.

“I treat her like a queen”: Chilean embroidery with attitude

Daniela Lara Espinoza turns the craft of her maternal forebears into a political voice for today’s generation.

Sindhu – The river line: A dialogue

Pallavi Arora and Shirley Bhatnagar reanimate ancient pottery from the Indus valley civilisation

Looking at the past, creating the future: The forgotten role of the museum

Michael Nathaniel Kurniawan believes the museum plays an important role in design education because we can only go forward by learning from the past.

Moitará: An exchange between São Paulo and the village of Kaupüna

Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros takes us to a Xingu village where she partakes of the moitará exchange to commission work for her furniture. 

Closing the circuit: Thinker-Maker residency at Substation 33

Pamela See reports on her thinker-maker residence with Substation 33 where our recent technological past is repurposed for a better future.

The Red Dress in Chiapas

Kirstie Macleod shares a particular moment in the journey of the Red Dress, which was embroidered and then proudly worn by women in southern Mexico.

Tepelikler: My Anatolian grandmother’s headdress

Songül Aral recreates the traditional Anatolian gold and silver headdress that connects with her ancestors. 

The craft heritage revival in downtown Hong Kong

Kenneth WONG and Jaffa LAM describe a new education program that reflects a renewed interest in the handmade traditions of Hong Kong.

Mending collective memory: Eleni Gouga’s Bread-skirt Project

Eleni Gouga sought to revive the heirloom black woollen skirts of northern Greece, which then became a satchel for traditional bread.

Heirloom: a celebration of herstories

Grace Pundyk re-creates a traditional Polish wianek headdress to sustain a matrilineal thread across generations and continents.

Kuyu Kuyu: A place for weaving stories and cultural resilience

Delissa Walker talks about the land her uncle reclaimed where she brings female relatives together to weave stories.

Ryndia silk of the Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Nisa Lyndem speaks for her Khasi culture in north-east Indian and the beautiful silk dyed shawls that bear its tradition.

Devotional flower offerings of Luang Prabang

Linda McIntosh and Tiao Nith describe the floral offerings that are traditionally offered in Lao temples, which are changing now that they depend more on items purchased from markets.

Tongan designs for a safe pandemic voyage

Angus Gillies writes about traditional Tongan kupesi designs re-interpreted by Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows and Tui Emma Gillies for the COVID era. 

Singing our life journeys: Rekindling the Vaihoho song-poems of Timor-Leste

The Timor-Leste Vaihoho tradition of song offers a connection to the past the current generations are keeping alive through video.

Woven walls, threaded horizons: Traditional architecture in the modern urban fabric of Papua New Guinea

Rosemarie Rusch returned to the PNG of her childhood to student traditional architecture of woven walls, but she also learnt to appreciate the social life and friendships of village life.

Whakahoki: Returning to the lunar cycle in Māori culture

Keri-Mei Zagrobelna evokes an ancestor spirit to protect against the chaos of the new moon

Dr Ghada’s orange knife: A life dedicated to the world of craft

Dr Ghada's epic life was dedicated to raising the profile of craft in the world. The seeds were sown in her Palestinian childhood.

A tribute to my mother

Saad Hani Al-Qaddumi reflects on the life of his mother, Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi, President of the World Crafts Council

The path we took, between past and future

The different paths between past and future reflect a cycle which regenerates at every new beginning.

Cantarino: Reanimating the whistling bottles of the Andes

Francisca Gili Hanisch revives an ancient object that invests water with music for the afterlife. 

Tender cloths

Michele Elliot uses wrapping as a ritual to reflect the passing of life.

Make the Qanats flow: Women revive a patriarchal tradition

Nina Aminzadeh Goharrizi heralds an inspiring project from the Takab district of Kerman province, Iran, in which local women take tradition into their own hands.