Songül ARAL visits Turkey's only hat museum and witnesses a unique historical revival (English and Turkish)

Kishōtenketsu: Kawase Shinobu’s celadon journey

Bonnie B. Lee writes about the four-part structure from Chinese poetry that informs the ceramics of Kawase Shinobu.

Biomater: Life hanging by a thread

Catalina Mena reflects on the exhibition in Chile by Clarisa Menteguiaga, Liliana Ojeda, and Paulina Villalobos, which witnesses the beauty of decay in the gallery.

Eyes for Chile 👁️👁️ Ojos Para Chile

Liliana Ojeda and Aranda Feres Ojeda gather eyes and words to make visible the recent political oppression on the streets of Santiago.

How deities are born: Bronze casting in Nepal

Gary Wornell spends an intense day in a Kathmandu bronze-casting workshop, witnessing the impressive resilience of Nepali artisans.

To steal a golden earring: In search of the chola in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh 

LOkesh Ghai continues his journey through the Himalayas in quest of the legendary choga over-garment.

Polishing: An overlooked craft

Jahan Rezakhanlou reveals the wonders of polishing in Japan, Uzbekistan and India.

Alchemy in Japanese traditional craft: Forging and polishing the spiritual world

Sachiko Tamashige writes about two Japanese metalsmith families, Myochin and Yamamoto, who demonstrate an alchemical power to transport base metal into the spiritual realm.

A cloudy day collecting clay among the gullies and the gums

Cassy McArthur is finally able to return to the granite country where she collects the clay that honours its intricate beauty.

Silk from San Pedro Cajonos: Artisans weaving new connections through the web

Raquel Bessudo tracks down a community of silk spinners weavers in Oaxaca, demonstrating the enterprise of their craft collectives.

Bilums and bilas: From bags to jewels in PNG

Jessica Cassell writes of her time in PNG and the opportunity she saw to add value for local women by evolving the bilum bags into jewellery.

Vide Poche: A timeless dish for every day use

Henry Wilson reflects on his iconic coin tray, an indestructible base for our precarious days.

Castlemaine Currency: Towards a grounded economy

Dale Cox and Jodi Newcombe explain the origins and aims of producing coinage from clay for exclusive use within the town of Castlemaine.

The Messenger Through The Twilight: A clay apocalypse

Raksit Panya introduces five Thai ceramic artists whose work foretells an archeology of the present.

Kyungsook Park ✿ The craft of conviviality

Misun Rheem explains why she brought a dinner party into the Cheongju International Craft Biennale

Piña: Weaving Filipino fibre into the world

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan returned to the Philippines to work with weavers and embroiderers in recovering the world of piña, pineapple fibre. 

Ivana Taylor ✿ Wrapped with care

Guy Keulemans introduces designer Ivana Taylor, whose work reflects the creative potential of wrapping.

iQweqwe: Towards the ancestors

The Cape Town ceramicist Madoda Fani takes the road to success and finds his way back home.

Ghost objects: Crafting the poetry of the everyday

honor freeman reflects on her dual practice, making objects for both the art gallery and the street.

Juukan Tears Offcuts

In conversation with Tanya Lee, Melissa Cameron learns about the life of the jewellery pieces that were salvaged from her Juukan Tears installation, as a personal mourning for the loss of sacred Aboriginal heritage.

A head start for heritage: The Kastamonu hat museum 🇹🇷

Songül ARAL visits Turkey's only hat museum and witnesses a unique historical revival (English and Turkish)

The Macanas of Gualaceo: Ecuadorian ikat

Berenice Cárdenas traces the evolution of Ecuadorian ikat, from its Asian roots to its diversity of expression today.

Kangri: The dilemma of the Kashmiri portable heater

Irfan Ahmed and Saima Andleeb document the distinctive Kashmiri personal heater, which despite its heritage is destined to be a dying craft.

Utsuwa: The extraordinary is every day in Japan

Kylie and Tiffany Johnson share their journey to find makers of everyday objects in Japan, including Keigo and Chiaki Sakata at the To-ji Temple market in Kyoto.

Let’s go back to the campfire: The lesson of mingei

Liliana Morais looks critically at the decline of mingei and argues for a stronger social context for craft.

The currency basket: Investing in a shared world

Bridget Kennedy creates alternative ways to exchange objects of value.