Weaving your way through COVID – Bali style - Stephanie Brookes writes about Pejeng Kangin, a resilient weaving village in Bali outside Ubud, Indonesia, that offers a "pay forward" scheme to buy works that help them survive the lockdown
The Shadow Theatre of Anaphoria Island - Gary Warner introduces Kraig Grady's phantasmagoric shadow world of Anaphoria Island, a place no one comes from but anyone can enter.
Jumaadi ✿ You’re invited to a snakes’ wedding - The Sydney-based Indonesian artist Jumaadi uses the snake as a symbol of a dualistic universe. His intricate painting on buffalo hide imagines a cloud-like form created from two snakes entwining.
Lessons learned from a duck herder’s gamelan 🎵 - Rosie Cook goes in search of the rare Bundengan musical instrument from Indonesia and discovers a melodious revival.
Water and flowers in Bali - Marylou Pavlovic is inspired by the water and flowers in Balinese offerings and ponders its Western interpretations
Batik and tenun as sustainable textiles in East Java - Janet Teowarang interviews Melie Indarto, the owner of KaIND, the sustainable textile in Pasuruan, East Java.
Smile for the embroidery: Abdul Abdullah and DGTMB - Abdul Abdullah talks about his collaboration with Indonesian embroidery workshop DGTMB
Meet the Neighbours: Creative dialogue with Indonesia - How do we engage with one of the world’s fastest-growing countries? A number of collaborative projects provide a glimpse of the way Indonesia will shape our creative practices in the future.
Rame Rame - Artists and makers from Indonesia and beyond were invited to share the results of their collaborations. The works and text below reflect ways in which people can create together.  tromarama | harry mawardi | sekar ikanandanti h | anita rahardja | catharine temaluru | clarissa kwok | denny priyatna | cassia studio Tromarama Made in Bandung, West Java First Wave consisted of three monitors that show three self-portrait videos of each member of the collective. The self-portrait video movement collided with text, images from magazines, internet, books, daily screenshots from their own archive. The work questions the artist own existence within this globalized world.   ▪️2006 A post shared by Tromarama (@tromarama) on Sep 13, 2017 at 8:17pm PDT w – Harry Mawardi Made in Garut & Bandung, […]
A revolution from the kitchen at Rumah Intaran - We chat with Gede Kresna about his place in north Bali, Rumah Intaran, which practices a "revolution from the kitchen' in reviving traditional Balinese ways of living.
From Sumatra to Bellbrae: A Jenny Crompton story - Jenny Crompton travelled to Sumatra where she learnt wood carving from a traditional datu spirit man. This gave her an appreciation of culture, but it wasn't her own. On discovering her Wadawurrung ancestry, she has developed a unique language of art from the kelp of the coast that is both her inspiration and rediscovered Country.
Quarterly essay – Everything Happens to Everyone: A Rodney Glick story ✿ - They’re boots. Military field boots, I’d say; they have that look about them: pugnacious toe; thick, corrugated sole; long tongue and half-laced upper; although there is an unexpected zipper along the shaft.
The Elephant Shark story: batik between Java and Bali - Marty Hope attempts to revive the old days of Bali by returning to the craft of batik, impressed with the efficiency of Javanese workshops.
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The plaited craft that holds a Dayak village together - Stephanie Brookes visits the Dayak village of Bukit Rawi where she finds Mina Herta who shares her knowledge of rattan weaving that is so important for the Ot Danum tribe.
Bridewealth of the Dayak Lundayeh - Karen Macdonald with Paulus Kadok describe a marriage ceremony in a Dayak village of Kalimantan. With help from John Boyd McDonald's photos, they show how the adat rituals involving textile and fibres crafts remain a vivid part of their cultural life.
Banten jerimpen: An offering to reach the universe - Local authority Mas Ruscita offers a Balinese perspective on Banten Jerimpen, the diving offering that reaches to the sky and a reflection on the unique attitude of nakmulaketo (“As it is”).
Flores: The skin of tradition - Katharina Paba is a natural indigo dyer and weaver from Bajawa on the island of Flores. In the 1990s, she had a series of dreams in which she was told to make a lawo butu beaded textile with an ancestral ship on a field of elephants. She made the textile, and placed it on consignment with an antique dealer in the town of Ende. Within a few months she fell ill, and for years she went to modern and traditional doctors without success, until a medium told her that her ancestors needed the textile she had made. After a hurried trip to Ende to recover the textile, Katharina’s whole clan had to perform an elaborate ceremony to install the textile […]
Perhiasan = Jewellery - Elizabeth Shaw led an exchange involving Indonesian jewellers with diverse skills. She reveals a scene on the verge of formalisation, awaiting a national network and tertiary courses.
Design collaboration in Surabaya - Alexandra Crosby interviews Andriew Budiman, director of Surabaya Design Summit about the unique approach to design in Indonesia, which focuses on face-to-face encounters.
Kandura Studio: Making studio ceramics in Indonesia - Fresh from a design degree, Fauzy Prasetya soon learns that the best way to design ceramics is to make it yourself. Then to establish a business in Indonesia, the next step is to build relationships. He tells the story of Kandura Studio.
We are all leaves on the tree: Ketemu in Bali - Bali can be a challenging place for artists to work. The gallery system is not as extensive of Yogyakarta or Jakarta. In response, an artist couple established a socialised platform, Ketemu Project which is an organization for socially engaged practices in art. Their organisation, Ketemu (“to meet”), reflects a social, and perhaps particularly Balinese, approach to art. We interviewed the founders of Ketemu about their Schizofriends project.
Fashion electric: Two Indonesian fashion designers energise traditions - Fresh from an Australia-Indonesia fashion exchange, Carla van Lunn reflects on two Indonesian designers, Novita Yunus and Lenny Agustin, who are creating vibrant clothes from textile traditions.
Rame rame! A call for friendworks - You are invited to submit works for the upcoming online exhibition in the Garland Indonesia exhibition.
Welcome to Kandangan, a modern craft village - Singgih Susilo Kartono introduces us to Kandangan, his village in Indonesia which has developed a way of "new craft" that aligns handmade production with modern management. He invites you to visit one day...
The 4th Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale: “Ways Of Clay : Perspectives toward the future” - Opening Reception : December 7th , 2016 . 7.00 PM Venue : Building A- B and C National Gallery of Indonesia Address: Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur. No.14 Jakarta 10110, Indonesia Open for public : Dec. 8th 2016 – Jan. 22nd 2017 Free admission Monday to Sunday From. 11.30 AM to 5.30 PM Exhibition Closed every public holiday The 4th Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale (The 4th JCCB), will be held featuring works by 42 artists, from 23 countries. The 4th JCCB is a biggest contemporary ceramics biennale in southeast Asia. With the theme “Ways of Clay: Perspectives Toward the Future”, JCCB#4 aims to interpret history as a perspective that we can use to understand future ceramic art practices. JCCB doesn’t look […]
I am Bugis: An Interview with Zai Kuning - Jailani Zai Kuning expresses his strong feelings about the regional identities of the island peoples in the Malay straits, particularly the Bugis, whose ship-building is reflected in his sculpture.
Everyone-everyday – Rodney Glick in Bali - Rodney Click continues to work with highly-skilled Balinese carvers to produce extraordinary sculptures that interpret its Hindu culture for everyone everyday.
We are all Merantau: Macassan journeys - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah is a Perth-based sculptor whose figurative work conjures the experience of otherness in Australia.
Yayasan Tafean Pah – the next weaving generation in West Timor - Ruth Hadlow finds weaving revived for the younger generation in West Timor.