G25: The relationship between rich and poor

Issue #25 in December 2021 will gather stories that connect together the worlds of rich and poor, studio and shop.

On the one hand, there is the world of the gallery. Artists work in studios to produce original objects that are displayed in exhibitions. Each object has a unique title. Collectors purchase those objects, which are then kept in museums or homes. These objects can be documented in publications that tell a history of that medium. Universities provide training for artists to develop their creativity and understanding of the field in which they will work.

On the other hand, there is the world of the shop. Craftspersons work in workshops to produce multiple objects that are sold in markets, shops or online. The product can have a generic title, such as “wooden spoon”. People purchase those products which are then given as gifts or kept in the home for everyday use. These objects can acquire memories and stories in their use. Training is available in a variety of forms, such as technical colleges, apprenticeship, university degrees, workshops and YouTube videos.

From the perspective of the gallery, the objects in the shop are of little value. They don’t contribute anything original to the creative field.

From the perspective of the shop, the objects in the gallery are irrelevant. They cater to an elite market who use their collections to impress each other.

Is there a world where both spaces can co-exist?

You can find guidelines for submitting a story here. The deadline for stories is 1 November 2021. Please let us know in advance of your idea here. If you’d like to be a pathfinder and share the development of this issue, please send an email