Issue #24: Building a bridge between East and West

Stretching out the warp with teacher Rajesh Vishrambhai Valj. Photograph: Ruth Clifford

Broadly speaking, East and West offer different models of creativity. In the West, the modern concept of the individual artist involves the production of works in a studio, which are exhibited in a gallery where they are sold to go into homes or collections. This applies even to makers, in what is termed the studio craft movement.

By contrast, more often in the East makers work collectively in workshops. They often pursue traditional techniques with limited original input. The works sometimes relate to a cultural calendar, when they are produced for particular festivals.

The challenge is this issue is to understand how East and West connect. This will include those who crossover and collaborate between the two hemispheres.

This issue is for September 2021 and will coincide with the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial.