Uphaar उपहार: Objects of love 🇮🇳 🇱🇰 🇲🇺 🇫🇯 🇸🇬 🇦🇺

Vipoo Srivilasa, Rainbow Warriors, 2019, bronze, porcelain and mixed media


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Far horizons

Love across the Indian Ocean – 1 April 2020

Some of the contributors from our current issue came together to reflect on their stories and consider some of the issues that they evoke, particularly about the Indian craft of love. The speakers were:

    • Shirley Bhatnagar and Ishan Khosla
    • Eina Ahluwalia
    • Aarti Kawlra
    • Manasee Jog
    • Mitraja Bais
    • Varuni Kanagasundaram

This fascinating discussion brought together voices from Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and “Mumbai of the South” (Melbourne). The consensus seemed to be that Indian culture was more diverse before colonisation. During the British Empire and subsequent modernity, the distinctions between caste and gender became more rigid. Today, artists and makers have the potential to use the rich traditions of love as tools to open spaces for bringing people together. You can catch up on our conversation here (or podcast):


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